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The final exhibitor announcement was changed to (fri) 16th August.

Third announcement


SETOUCHI ART BOOK FAIR, Setouchi Triennale’s official program will be held in October 2019. For centuries, Setouchi has been the crossing point of foreign arts and cultures. Now the area has evolved as an international art hub where highly profiled artists and people from the art world gather every three years: Setouchi Triennale. For the first time this internationally claimed art festival will host “Setouchi Art Book Fair” to exhibit foreign arts and cultures in the form of art books. In the midst of a digital revolution, books are no longer mere information media. The art book is a typical example: it is an “art work” that you can “touch” and “ feel” and at the same time a “partner” that can become part of your daily life. The finest selections of bookshops, publishers and artists from Asia and beyond will join us to present their unique collections, zines, photo books, picture books and more. The three days of Setouchi Art Book Fair will be full of surprises and excitement open to both grown-ups and children.



Fri. 25th 1:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m., Sat. 26th, 10:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m., Sun. 27th 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. October 2019


Hiunkaku, Tamamo Park 2-1, Tamamo-cho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa

Entrance fee

Tickets for both Hiunkaku (300 JP yen) and Tamamo Park (200 JP yen) are required. However, please check the Tamamo Park website for prices as there are discounts depending on age and season.


  • Exhibitions must focus on art books or printed matter.
  • Exhibitors will be asked to arrange their own transportation and attend the book fair by their own means, or arrange someone to represent them. *Exhibitions by groups are permitted.
  • You must comply with the following requirements and the Setouchi Art Book Fair Guideline, which will be shared with accepted exhibitors.
    Setouchi Art Book Fair Committee (SABFC) may reject, cancel your applications or ask you to remove, amend your exhibitions at any time, upon discovery of any violation. In such circumstances, SABFC is not liable to account for its decision nor any fee paid will not be refunded.
    SABFC is not liable for any disadvantage caused to you or those involved from such cancellation, removal or amendments.

Deadline and notification

Entry deadline is (Wed) 31th July. Final decision on your participation will be announced on (Wed) 31th July. Accepted exhibitors will be announced in three stages.

  • First announcement: (Fri) 10th May
  • Second announcement: (Mon) 10th June
  • Third announcement: (Wed) 10th July
  • Final announcement: (Fri) 9th August

Second announcement

  • All applicants will be individually notified of the results.
  • Exhibitors accepted will be notified of payment methods, accounts and dates.
  • Your participation will be canceled if transaction is not completed by the required payment date.

During the fair

  • SABFC will be in charge of assigning booth locations.
  • Your staff must attend the booth at any given point during the fair.
  • Power will not be provided to every booth.
  • Power will not be available for cash registers. A safe with adequate change will be recommended.
  • Although free Wi-Fi is available at the venue, connection may be limited. Use of portable Wi-Fi or mobile hotspots is recommended for credit-card payment.
  • SABFC will undertake no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage/accidents caused by exhibitors during the fair.


  • You are required to exhibit/ sell only in your designated space. Please do not disturb, interfere with other booths and customers.
  • Your cooperation for garbage separation during the fair will be appreciated.
  • All areas designated as a smoke-free environment.
  • If or when any unexpected problems may occur, such as damage to the facility, etc., please report to Setouchi Art Book Fair (SABFC) immediately for further instructions on whatever procedures that need to be taken.
  • The assigned space should be returned to its original state prior to your load-in.


For the booth(s) you require, please select between A and S. All prices shown are for the three (3) consecutive days, including tax.

Booth A

Prices vary depending on the number of tables requested. If more than two (2) tables are requested, the tables will be positioned side by side to form a horizontal line.
* One (1) table can accommodate two (2) persons max.

Table measurement and price (Booth A)
1 table (1,800×600mm) : 35,000 JP yen (incl. tax)
2 tables (3,600×600mm) : 70,000 JP yen (incl. tax)
* Use of wall space and chairs are optional.
Additional options
One (1) wall space: 6,000 JP yen (incl. tax)
Use of nails is strictly prohibited. Use of double-sided tape is not allowed. Only masking tape or command tabs may be used. Please be noted that stands with wall space are limited.
One (1) chair: 1,500 JP yen (incl. tax)

Booth S

Suited for those who require private booths with walls on three (3) sides.

Price Booth S 100,000 JP yen (incl. tax)
* Up to three tables and three chairs max. Price includes use of three (3) walls.

Application form

Entry application will be received until the following date.
Deadline for application to arrive by July 31 (Wednesday local time).

When there are more applicants than booths available, decision will be based on our selection. This means that sending in your application does not guarantee your participation. Please wait for further approval by SABFC.

Hiunkaku is designated as a National Important Cultural Property.

Please read the application guidelines carefully, and only those who understand should apply by checking "Yes" in the Exhibit Conditions Agreement column.

I agree to the exhibition conditions(required)
Exhibitor Name
Name of person in charge
Please be sure to fill in if you are a company or group exhibitor.
Contact phone number
Please fill in the phone number that you can be contacted on the days of the event.
mail address
Mobile mail not possible (important attached documents about the exhibit may not be sent.)
Website URL
Please enter half-width alphanumeric characters. If there are two or more, please fill in the remarks column.
Exhibiting genre
The number of art book fairs participated so far
Requested booth type
Additional option (A booth) One rental chair 1,500 yen
Use of wall. One surface 6,000 yen
Please indicate the direction of * A booth.
Booth introduction
Please provide a brief text about you or your company's activities.
The exhibitor name and website address will be posted on the SABF website, etc.
Within 250 characters, no line breaks, please do not list your bio.
Upload Images ×
Logo image, publication image etc. It will be used as a reference for selecting.
(jpg, png, gif files only. File size should be less than 1 MB, or long side 800 pixels / 72 dpi)
About past activity
This information will not be released to the public, but it will be used as a reference when selecting.
Please describe in detail the publications you are planning to exhibit and your past activities.
Please fill in the table layout request and any other comments or requests.

Check your entries

In case your form cannot be sent, or if you do not receive the automatic response mail, please send directly to If you do not receive any response from us, we advise you to contact us again.

Please note

Please refrain from making any announcements regarding the event prior to receiving the official notification from SABFC approving your participation. Selection will be based on the images, text and information, such as your website, you will send us.
Please be accurate and detailed as possible with your information.